Running Water for Living Water - Team 4 x 100 style

by Team 4 x 100

We're supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2022 by Global Partners in Peace and Development

Team Captain(s) : Jim Martin , Jodie Eck , Derek Short , Bud Hostler


52 days left



Harrisburg Marathon & Relay - November 13       |     Salem VA Half Marathon and 8k - October 8

Running Water for the Living Water began in 2016. 15 runners were touched by the water crisis in rural India. Propelled by God's love, they ran in the Harrisburg Marathon to raise money for wells installed by Global Partners in Peace and Development (GPPD). Over the past 7 years, our team has raised over $440,000, bringing clean water to thousands in both India & Uganda.


In many villages where GPPD installs water wells, the average person must walk for over an hour to fetch water and often the water must be boiled before they can use it. Many children get sick and die because of drinking unsafe water. In other villages, families live on an insufficient or rationed supply of water. 

As individuals, families, friends, and churches, we join together to raise funds for wells in India and Uganda. Race day is the finale to our fundraising season and a symbolic "crossing of the finish line" as we celebrate what God has done. A few months after the race, runners/walkers and donors will receive a personalized video update featuring the well they helped provide. You're invited to join us! On average, every $5 dollars given can provide 1 person clean water for a lifetime.

Donors of any amount will receive  details, pictures, a video, and GPS coordinates of the well you helped install.



Any donation of over $250 will allow your name or business name to be printed on our team t-shirt as. bronze sponsor. There are additional benefits of sponsorship at the silver ($500+), gold ($1,000+), or diamond ($2,600+) level. Click "Be a Sponsor" button for details about each level. Personal or corporate sponsors can designate funds to a specific runner/team or the group goal.    

Give By Check or Cash:

1) Send a check (payable to GPPD) or cash to: Global Partners in Peace and Development, PO Box 117 Blue Ridge, VA 24064

2) Give cash/check donations to Matt Riggins (GPPD Trips Coordinator) in Pennsylvania

If mailing in a donation, please include the name of the runner/walker in the memo line or a note.

Team 4 x 100

When we think about a usual day here in the USA we do not have to wonder where we will get a clean glass of water - do you?  In many communities in India and Uganda that is not the case.  Can you imagine a 5 mile walk back and forth every day just to get water from a clean water well?  I can't and I am active every single day.

Will you help us?  We need just 100 friends and colleagues to contribute just $26 each to help us build a water well in one of these needy communities.  That would be great if the four of us plus 100 of you would equal water for a lifetime!

This year we are naming our team in your honor -  Team 4 x 100! The 4 of us running supported by 100 of you to deliver water for a lifetime.  Thank you for considering being a part of Team 4 x 100!