Grace Baptist Church of Lewisberry

We're supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2021 by Global Partners in Peace and Development

Team Captain(s) : Marsha Schmuck , Joe Walker , Emily Sanger




September 25 - Virginia 10 Miler

November 13 & 14 - Harrisburg Marathon

"In so many parts of the world, water doesn't bring life... it brings death." - Dana Cox, Event Coordinator

We are excited and passionate about bringing life to the world. In 2021, we are celebrating the 6th year since Team Running Water was born. Once again, we are raising money for water wells around the world. Many people around the world are in desperate need of clean running water. It is our desire to use this run to raise funds towards water wells, as well as show God’s love and care for His people. In 5 years $360,000 has been raised which has provided 143 villages with clean water. 

We encourage/challenge runners to raise $100 for every mile we run. In this case, every 26 miles run will raise enough to produce 1 fully installed, ready-to-use clean water tube well for a rural village in India or Uganda.  

In most villages where GPPD installs water wells, the average person must walk (or run) over an hour to get water and then many times the water must be boiled before they can use it. Many children get sick and die because of drinking unsafe water. Our desire is to run so they don't have to walk long distances for something we so often take for granted.

Any financial contribution that you could make would be greatly appreciated. On average, every $5 dollars given can provide 1 person clean water for a lifetime. All businesses and individuals financially supporting these efforts will receive a details of the water well and village impacted, including pictures, a video, as well as the GPS coordinates of the location of the well.

Other Donation Options:

1) Write check out to GPPD & Mail to (or drop off at): GPPD PO Box 117 Blue Ridge, VA 24064

2) Venmo @ gpartners2003 (list name of runner in comments and if you want tax deductible receipt)

3) Or give cash/check donations to Matt Riggins in Pennsylvania

If mailing in donation, please include a note with names of runner(s) who donation is for. All funds will be added to the fundraising account of the runner raising funds.  

Would you consider joining us? You can train to be a runner, make a donation to any runner, sponsor our team, or be an advocate to share the word.

Past Results:

2016 - 15 runners - nearly $20,000 raised (9 water wells)

2017 - 100 runners - over $70,000 raised (32 water wells)

2018 - 117 runners - over $101,000 raised (39 water wells in India & 1 well project in Uganda)

2019 - 200 runners - over $103,000 raised (36 water wells in India & 4 well projects in Uganda & 2 GPS water well monitoring devices)

2020 - 80 runners - over $64,000 raised (20 water wells in India & 2 well projects in Uganda & funds to help purchase drill for Uganda

We're excited for our 3rd year!  We are continually amazed at God's provision.  We have funded 3 wells a year so far!  Can we go 3 for 3? You can help!