Joseph Krahn

Supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2022 for Global Partners in Peace and Development

My Team: Creating for the Creator



Hello! My name is Joseph Krahn, and this is my first time joining the team "Caring for the Creator" for Running Water for the Living Water at the Harrisburg Marathon Relay on Nov. 13! Running has played a significant role in my life as a competitive sport and hobby, but what is unique about this experience is that I have the opportunity to apply this very skill towards a mission and purpose greater than myself: serving the fundamental needs of others without clean water to ultimately lift up and glorify the name of Jesus! It is an exciting opportunity to join my fellow engineering students from Liberty University in this venture!

Since last year, I have joined a team at my university's Engineering Missions and Research Club (EMRC) to tackle an ambitious project surrounding the mission of Running Water for the Living Water. Through the partnership with the organization Global Partners in Peace and Development, my team and I have been researching and prototyping a more reliable, efficient, and affordable groundwater detection system for use in well construction in Uganda. Such a project will ultimately support these residents' (and perhaps other areas in the future???) physical needs but also open a door to reach their ultimate spiritual need for Christ, who is the true "living water."

I appreciate any prayer and financial support for this exciting venture! Thank you, and I am hopeful and excited to see how God will work through the future projects, people, and places it will impact!