Us 4 + 1 more

by Drenee Fregm

Supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2022 for Global Partners in Peace and Development

My Team: Us 4 + 1 more



Having the privilege of going to both Uganda and India and witnessing first hand the poverty and need for clean water, I have a great passion for this ministry! I have watched young children find an old disposable water bottle and pick it up hoping for a few drops of clean water. I have watched people, young and old alike, walk miles carrying buckets to collect water from a  river or stream and still have to boil in, hoping it is then safe to drink. I have seen people who have never heard the gospel. By supporting this effort you are helping to provide clean water, but more importantly you are helping the gospel to be presented to those who have never heard the truth, and yet, desperately need to. When I was there, I saw that they are a grateful people, taking little for granted. I'd love to raise enough funds to provide more wells and more opportunities for others to hear the gospel.

Thank you for running along side of us with your support!