Scott Middleton

Supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2022 for Global Partners in Peace and Development

My Team: Eyes on the Prize



I’m really getting out of my comfort zone.  As many of know, I’m not a runner.  In fact, I’ve always tried live by Proverbs 28:1.  However, I’m willing to put this biblical principle aside this November for the greater good.  The money raised will go to provide water wells in India and Uganda.  Most of us are fortunate not to have to go find clean water for our basic needs on a daily basis.  

I am also excited about seeing some friends along the way as I drive up to Pennsylvania and while in Pennsylvania.  Many of whom I’ve served with abroad or have supported me in my cycling endeavors.  If you are close to Harrisburg, PA on November 13th, come cheer me on!  I’ll need all the encouragement I can get! 

Please consider a donation as try to raise $1000 for this worthy cause!