Everyone in this whole world deserves clean drinking water - will you help us give clean water to an community in need?

by Jim Martin

Supporting: Running Water for the Living Water - 2022 for Global Partners in Peace and Development

My Team: Team 4 x 100


Campaign has ended.


When we think about a usual day here in the USA we do not have to wonder where we will get a clean glass of water - do you?  In many communities in India and Uganda that is not the case.  Can you imagine a 5 mile walk back and forth every day just to get water from a clean water well?  I can't and I am active every single day.

Will you help us?  We need just 100 friends and colleagues to contribute just $26 each to help us build a water well in one of these needy communities.  That would be great if the four of us plus 100 of you would equal water for a lifetime!

This year we are naming our team in your honor.  Team 4 x 100! The 4 of us running supported by 100 of you to deliver water for a lifetime.  Thanks for considering being part of Team 4 x 100!